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Stating the Obvious: Just One Question for Christopher Locke
June 7, 1999 — interview with Michael Sippey

"So here comes Joe Sixpack onto AOL. What does he know about netliness? Nothing. Zilch. He has no cultural context whatsoever. But soon, VERY soon, what he hears is something he never heard in TV Land: people cracking up. "That ain't no laugh track neither," Joe is thinking — and goes looking for the source of this strange new, rather seductive sound."

KMWorld: Business' Big Secret
April 18, 1999 — David Weinberger

"Gather close, pull up the collar of your trenchcoat, and step out of the light of this lamppost. I'm going to give away Business's big secret. This is something so shameful that business invests a huge amount of time and money keeping it from getting out. In fact... the real objective of most management infrastructures is to make sure that this dark secret remains hidden."

Entropy Gradient Reversals: Clues You Can Lose
April 18, 1999 — RageBoy®

"No one has bothered to ask me what I think about all this. So yes kids, it's time once again to conjure up an interviewer with the jumbo cahones necessary to confront RB on the real issues. Ready? Dubious at best, but here you go anyway."

Fair Warning: EGR tends to be fairly raunchy; proceed at your own risk. Also, it may be helpful to know that Christopher Locke and RageBoy are not really two separate people — most days.

Contentious: Interview: Christopher Locke
April 18, 1999 — Amy Gahran

"Cluetrain is something that any Web content professional should read. You probably won't agree with all of it. You may not like the tone or the presentation. You may crave specific examples. But the fact is, this document has hit the radar screen of many in the business world who hold the purse strings for online media projects—so content professionals should be familiar with it."

KMWorld: Ride the Cluetrain
April 6, 1999 — David Weinberger

"There's something big going on. You know it. Your friends know it. Your coworkers know it. Your customers know it. So why doesn't your company know it? Why are your managers so clueless?"

The Cook Report: The Cluetrain Manifesto - The First Interview April 6, 1999 — Gordon Cook

"We have here 95 theses that purport to explain what most large corporations do not yet understand about the Internet. The Internet is the catalyst which sparked the Cluetrain manifesto. The Internet is also a medium that promotes styles of communication that are deeply subversive of standard ways of doing business. The Manifesto shows why the web-empowered voices of millions of small businesses and consumers may overturn the industrial age control-oriented business models of giant companies."

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